Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Windows 8- Smart features & Advanced Functionality

Microsoft introduced Windows 7 after Windows Vista on July 2009 and now it is going to launch its next Operating System in the market, which is expected to be named Windows 8. Windows 7 operating system was launched 17 months before the date. However, the new version of Windows Operating System most probably will be launch in the first half of 2012. Still, there is big list of users who have just thought of switching over to Windows 7.

Microsoft is eager to be fully get into the tablet age and that could be the reason for early invention of new Operating System. Experts revealed that Windows 8 will be built on the ARM microchip architecture. Most of the world's Smartphones and tablets are powered by ARM microchip technology.

Best Features, expected to be part of the Windows 8 are :-

  • Enhanced graphics
  • Support for 3-D
  • Facial recognition
  • Instant-on capability
  • Windows app store
  • Portable workspace
  • Hybrid booting
  • Improved disk cleanup

Enhancements and New Features are :-

  • User detection :- Automatically turn on and off as user enters in the room and go out of the room simultaneously.
  • Power saving :- System boot speed will improved and Microsoft try to emphasize on the power saving feature.
  • 128 bit platform.
  • Emerging Digital Media Format Support:-
  1. 3D Video
  2. AVC HD
  3. MJPEG Improvements.
  4. MPEG-2(encoding/decoding)
  5. WMV improvements.

All the features and functionality are forecast and discussed with some ins and outs among the community having close eyes on the release of new version. It is assumed that Microsoft is in hurry to launch Windows 8 (tentative name). It is sure that the new version of Microsoft Operating System must have advanced features than windows 7 but it is unstable now. Some Windows 7 features are also used in Windows 8 Operating System. Very soon we all welcome the new version of Windows Operating System.

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