Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cloud Computing - Features of huge server on your Desktop

Cloud computing is an information technology buzzword for many years. It is IT infrastructure as a service, delivering hosted IT services over the Internet. It is a technology using which you need not to establish an IT infrastructure for your business or you can use any software without installing it on your system, you just need to have an active internet connection.

Benefits of Cloud Computing :

Cost Effective : As the services and data for multiple clients will be hosted on the same server, and the cost of maintaining and establishing such a complex setup will also be shared, which proves cost-effective and one needs to pay only for what he actually use.

Quick & Updated : For running some new software you need not to buy or download the software and go for the hardware procurement, you just need to check if your service provider updates the software you require. Most of the service providers constantly updates software database, many of them add any new software available on demand.

Mobile : Most amazing feature of cloud computing is you can use it on the go. All the complex system and softwares are available at any time at any place.

How it works :
All the data and the computation technology and the softwares required are on the server system refereed as cloud. Consumers are only need to have a simple computer with an internet connection to request the particular data and the required processing software from the cloud system. All the processings of data will be done at the cloud end and the result is been reflected to the consumers system

Cloud Computing has three segments Application, Platforms, Infrastructure. Each of them serves different purposes and is used by different business/users classes.

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