Tuesday, January 21, 2014

‘Error Code – 3259’ in Outlook 2011 with complete resolution

Outlook 2011 is designed for Mac machine by Microsoft Inc. Microsoft also provides a robust technical support for resolving any kind of bug, error or damage. In this application, all data information is backed up in a file format known as .OLM. This file is stored all mail objects available in application.

Synchronization with server is always required to perform each operation available in application with complete targeted result. In case, you face some trouble between you application (Front-end interface) and server then it is not possible to find updated message with proper time. Sometimes, network congestion or ISP might be a fault point but getting message with defined quotation mentioned below is a big problem.

"An operation on the server timed out. The server may be down, overloaded, or there may be too much net traffic." 

The error mentioned above is an outcome of “Error Code – 3259”. This error hits the connection between client and server. When client is requested for an execution of operation then servers receives the request of client and responds with appropriate result. After hitting by this error code, user is unable to execute a required operation due to server timed out before serve the require input for operation. It also disables the functionality to connect your server again with interface.

Symptoms with ‘Error Code – 3259’:

In case, user is trying to connect an MSN with Outlook 2011 enable Mac device the it may be possible that you can receive a error message with detailed information. At the time, you perform send operation with Outlook 2011 then also a great possibility to get this error. With numerous explanation like overloaded, too much traffic and server timed out, user receives a final notification that mail could not be sent.


With wrong implementation of POP settings, user receives this erratic error in Mac Outlook.

Steps to troubleshoot ‘Error Code – 3259’:

To get back your lost performance of Mac Outlook, you are requested to follow some steps:

Step 1: Verify for a successful connectivity with web:

In order to resolve this problem, user should ensure that his email application is connect with server. This status can be verified through ‘Sing In’ in web based application by using accurate user id and password.

Steps 2: Change in SMTP port to 587:
  1. Start Outlook application.
  2. Now Click on Tools then select Accounts.
  3. In the Outgoing Server box, make changes with port to 587.
  4. Close the Outlook application
  5. Perform send/receive again.
With these steps defined above, user would be able to resolve the attacked error and hopeful to achieve their lost operational speed again.

Resource: http://www.stellaroutlooktools.com/scan/olm-repair.php

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