Friday, September 14, 2012

How to remove the 0x80040109 error in MS Outlook application

If you are trying to send an email from your MS Outlook email account and you have faced a error message like this :

0x80040109 – The Operation cannot be performed because the message has been changed”.

You try to find a solution to fix this problem. Then you are at the right place. Here is a solution to resolve this unwanted problem or error which comes normally.

About this error :

Task ' - Sending' reported error “0x80040109 – The Operation cannot be performed because the message has been changed”.

This unknown error usually comes when a user uses a third party software in the background like Norton or any other Anti-virus software for scanning the hard drive. While sending the email message the anti-virus software running in background tries to change it and it results in the above mentioned error.

Disable the scanning process : If you using a Norton Anti-virus 2003, 2004, 2005 then use the following steps for disable the email scanning :

A. Exit the email program which is running.
B. Click the option menu before starting the Norton Anti-virus program.
C. Click the Norton Anti-virus on the menu and then click the Email.
D. Unchecked Scan incoming Email and Scan outgoing Email in the right side pane.
E. Click OK.
F. Click permanently option if you are using the Norton 2005 Anti-virus and then click OK.

Some other tips to resolve this error :

  • Remove the previous message which are placed in the Out-box or draft folder.

  • If any add-in is responsible for this error then user need to Start Outlook in safe mode and disable the each add-in to find which add-in create this the problem.

  • Run Outlook in safe mode with following steps:

1. Click on the Run Command in the Start Menu.
2 .After clicking the Run command type Outlook /safe command in the box.
3 .Click OK, and your Outlook account is open in safe mode.

To resolve this error the caused due to anti-virus software disabling the scanning is an appropriate option. However, you should also ensure that it does not have any security threats to your system.

Sometimes, this error is a cause of Outlook PST file corruption. to resolve this issue, user should opt for a good PST repair tool. One such recommended tool is Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair.



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