Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA) with new User Interfaces and the architecture

Microsoft updated the Outlook Web App, a browser based email service of the Outlook with new user interface and the architecture. This Outlook Web App is free to download and comes with various web app like Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word and much more. In short this time, Microsoft has added a lot more to OWA which will make it a worth application for its user.

Some new features of OWA :

Adaptable to varied screen size : OWA (Outlook Web App) is designed by the Microsoft to work with different screen size of the Monitor display or TFT, tablet or smart phones and the most part of the code of different screen
are same.

Three user interface : According to the Microsoft blog post, “it is shared between the three user interface modes." The three different User Interfaces of this Outlook Web App (OWA) is available such as light, mini and premium. 
Multiple browser support : This OWA will support any browser and the User Interfaces of the mini OWA is specially designed to work on the Japanese mobile phones. For example, the light OWA can work with Microsoft's IE 7 browser.

Updated OWA Architecture :

The updated OWA architecture is HTML 5 based potentiality. To make able to work off-line Microsoft added the HTML 5 technologies in OWA. User will work on OWA email client application in off line mode and can synchronize data when user connect to the Internet.

In the different browsers like Internet Explorer 10, Chrome version 17 and the Safari 5 this off line function will used and this off line storage potentiality is known as "Web SQL Database." 

According to the Microsoft's blog post, “This updated OWA architecture does not support the full off line mode on the Windows and Mac desktop but matched those capability which was provided by most Exchange ActiveSync phone clients.”

In comparison of ActiveSync, there is a limitation in HTML 5 technologies it does not execute the full text indexed search on off line mode.

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