Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Segments of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is classified into three segments.

Software as a Service(SaaS) :  The most useful segment of cloud computing for any business model. This is an on demand service and provides huge cost cutting for businesses for running application softwares, without caring bothering about the Licensing, on site hardware requirement for running the application and application maintenance.

In the earlier days end users have to purchase the software, upgrade the hardware according to the application software requirement and then can use the software. But in cloud computing era you just have to demand for some specific application to the particular service provider and all the processing will be handled by them, you can use the application via your simple configuration system and pay a gross charge to the service provider.

On Demand Software providers :, IBM, NetSuit, Taleo, Cordys.

Traditional Software Providers : Blackbaud, SAP, LawSon Software, Oracle, Blackboard

Platform as a Service(PaaS) : Platforms are developed by many on Demand application service providers to facilitate users to access applications from centralized servers. The idea behind that you will have some server space that you have to purchase or on lease and you can run your own applications.

Platform Service providers : IBM - Lotus Live, Google(GOOG) - Apps Engine, Microsoft - Windows Azure

Infrastructure as a service(IaaS) : This segment is actually the backbone of the whole concept. This segment may include hosting of the application, development environment for the applications and data storage space.

Infrastructure service Providers :
Google (GOOG) - Managed hosting, development environment (AMZN) - Cloud storage
IBM - Managed hosting

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