Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Windows Operating System Family and its evolution

Windows 7 and Windows Vista both are enriched with advanced and powerful features that allows user to work in an aesthetic way. Windows Vista (formerly codenamed longhorn) was launched on January 30, 2007, after more than 5 year of its predecessor versions. Windows 7 (originally codenamed Blackcomb) was introduced by Microsoft on July 22, 2009 with the added features like multi-touch support, Window shell with new design and task bar and many other performance enhancements.

In comparison to Windows Vista, Windows 7 have several advantages like it has better power management and desktop improvement features.

Features of Windows 7 -

Earlier Windows 7 was planned to be successor of Windows XP but at the middle stage Windows Vista had been announced. Windows Vista had acquired some of the features which were originally intended for Windows 7.

Later on Windows 7 comes up with various advancements and new additional features to Windows Vista which was not included earlier. Some of the major features are:

  • Touch and handwriting recognition
  • Better boot performance
  • Direct Access and kernel improvements
  • Windows Power shell inclusion
  • Support for virtual Hard disks
  • Improved media features
  • Better security system
  • New improved taskbar
  • New networking API

Features of Windows Vista -

While being the target of much criticism and negative news, Windows Vista had come up with various new features and security improvements. Besides security and technical advancements, it had many   management and administrative improvements also.

Some of many changes and features are:
  • Enhanced Graphical user interface
  • Redesigned search function
  • Multimedia tools
  • Support to increase communication
  • Instant search for faster results
  • Windows sidebar
  • V 3.0 of .net framework

Both Windows 7 and Vista have many updated features but these have some faults too like vista has the high system requirements, compatibility issues and licensing terms. But despite that Vista gained much popularity and is being used widely by users. There are also some issues with Windows 7 like interface and compatibility issues which cause problems while working. But still Windows 7 and Vista both offers great features to end users and developers.

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