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Google’s Toolbar History

Google Toolbar :- Google Toolbar is internet browsing toolbar available for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer both. We can simply call it browsing toolbar. Google Toolbar is compatible with all Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating system.

History :- Google Toolbar has great history behind its success. Google always tries to give best to their users. The thought of best service provide to user made a history. If we go back in the history we will come to know that till the date Google Toolbar has 9 versions available for different browsers.

A quick look at Google Toolbars from December 2000 to August 2010

Google Toolbar 1.0 :- Google Toolbar 1.0 was the first browsing toolbar, released on December 11, 2000.

Features :-

   1.      Google Toolbar 1.0 was compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT, and version 5.0 Operating System and Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer.
   2.      From any web page user can directly access to the Google search functionality.
   3.      Page Rank
   4.      Search term highlights in its own color.

Google Toolbar 2.0 :- Google Toolbar 2.0 was introduced on August 13, 2003.


   1.      Google Toolbar 2.0 was compatible with windows Operating System and Browser Internet Explorer.
   2.      AutoFill:- Forms filled with a single click (information already saved in the user's system)
   3.      Pop-up Blocker: - It blocks most unwanted pop-ups.
   4.      BlogThis: - It automatically connects to blogger account and act as graphical bookmark to your site.

Google Toolbar 3.0 :- Google Toolbar 3.0 unveiled on February 16, 2005.

Features :-

   1.      Google Toolbar 3.0 was compatible with windows Operating Sysdiv class="cbw snap_nopreview">
tem and Browser Internet Explorer.
   2.      Auto Link: - Users can convert street addresses, ISBNs in a web page in their browser to links.
   3.      Word Translator: - It instantly translates text and web pages from any web site that user visiting.
   4.      Spell Check: - It corrects spelling mistakes in a web form whenever a user does mistake.

Google Toolbar 2.0 for Firefox :- Google Toolbar 2.0 for Firefox was released on September 22, 2005. Before that Google Toolbar was not made for Firefox as Firefox initially released on 2004.

Features :-

   1.      Google Toolbar 2.0 for Firefox was compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating System.
   2.      Google Personalized Homepage along with Feed Integration.
   3.      Google Suggestion for popular choices.

Google Toolbar 4.0 :- Google Toolbar 4.0 came in the market on January 29, 2006.


   1.      Google Toolbar 4.0 compatible with Windows XP Operating System.
   2.      Easy Bookmarking
   3.      Instant Suggestion when search any term.
   4.      Customized user defined buttons.

Google Toolbar 5.0 :- Google Toolbar 5.0 was available on December 12, 2007.


   1.      Google Toolbar 5.0 compatible with Windows XP, Vista Operating System and Browser Internet Explorer.
   2.      Google Gadgets: - It enables user to add and use Google gadgets directly from the toolbar.
   3.      Broken links suggestion.
   4.      Online toolbar settings are saved.
   5.      Auto Fill with single click.
   6.      Google Notebook to save text and images with bookmark.

Google Toolbar 6.0 :- Google Toolbar 6.0 introduced on February 24, 2009.


   1.      Google Toolbar 6.0 is compatible with Windows XP-SP2/Vista/7+ Operating System and Browser Internet Explorer.
   2.      Internet Explorer 8 support
   3.      Quick Search Box

Google Toolbar 7.1 :- Google Toolbar 7.1 for Firefox introduced on August 10, 2010.


   1.      Google Toolbar 7.1 is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux Operating System and Browser Firefox 4 Beta.

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