Sunday, May 22, 2011

Google toolbar 7 for Internet Explorer - Latest Internet Browsing Toolbar

Google Toolbar 7.0 for Internet Explorer : - Google Toolbar 7.0 is the latest Google Toolbar that was launched on April 21, 2011. It is the faster, cleaner and fresher Toolbar ever with elegant look.

Google include the best features of the Chrome to Internet Explorer for making the new search world. All high powered feature of Chrome are included in Internet Explorer such as Auto-Translate, Built-In Instant Search etc. Google Toolbar 7 is helpful in making Web Browsing instant and simple.

1.  Toolbar Instant : - Instant Toolbar works exactly according to its name “instant”. When user type any word in search box, instantly predicted search results will appear that make fast search with clean and fresh result. Alt+G is the shortcut key to get toolbar search box more quickly.

2.  Personalized Toolbar : - Google Toolbar 7 is personalized toolbar and emphasizes on “what is important to you”. The tools user use most will remain visible on the toolbar and the button user not used will be moved to “more” button. It does not mean that user will not use those buttons in future but user can easily choose what he/she has to use and when accordingly can be used through “more” button.

3.  Toolbar Privacy :- Google Toolbar 7 have some features such as PageRank and spell check on the Toolbar that send anonymous information to Google to improve user's browsing experience. Now with Google toolbar user can control privacy setting from a single setting menu. User can decide which feature to be turn on and off.

4.  Language : - Google toolbar 7 is available in English language and it is decided that very soon it will come in other languages too.

Steps to install Google instant on the Google Toolbar :-

  1. Go to toolbar option.
  2. Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing.

Google instant enabled.

The above discussed features of Google Toolbar 7.0 for Internet Explorer are latest included features. Internet Explorer 8 and 9 are only compatible with Toolbar Instant. It provides best and instant results to the user to have easy access of the Google search from the toolbar on any web page.

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