Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nokia single out Qualcomm for supplying chips for its first WP 7

Nokia, world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones was established in 1865 by Fredrik Idestam. Started from 1968 it focused more on mobile phone business in 1992. Up to now several technological improvements have been introduced in Nokia mobile phones. Furthermore, In Feb 2011, Nokia and Microsoft collaborated to make Windows Phone 7 as Nokia's primary Smart Phone platform. Windows Phone 7 is the mobile operating system created by Microsoft. This joint decision of Nokia and Microsoft was the considerable effort to create various opportunities for reinvention in the filed of mobile phones. The Windows phone devices of Nokia are expected to come before the end of this year.

Nokia - Qualcomm Alliance-
Nokia has confirmed that for its first Windows Smart Phones it will use the chips manufactured by Qualcomm, the leader in wireless technologies and chip manufacturing. As per the sources, Qualcomm is the single supplier for the chips for Microsoft Windows Phone. Snapdragon and Hummingbird chips of Qualcomm are already being used in Smart Phones based on Windows Phone 7. This alliance with Nokia will definitely strengthen the position of Qualcomm in the chip supplier market.

Things were not well in past between Nokia and Qualcomm due to patent litigation. But the matter settled in year 2008. However, it is said that Nokia was also in talks with ST-Erricsion which also provides semiconductor chips and engaged in development of wireless platforms. Nokia is considering the other chip supplier as a part of its long term strategy. As per a Nokia Spokesperson-

Our aim is to build a vibrant ecosystem around Nokia and the Windows Phone OS, and with that intent we are naturally continuing discussions with a number of chipset suppliers for our future product portfolio," he said.

So, Nokia is not completely depending upon Qualcomm but its first set of Windows based devices will have the Qualcomm chip. Nokia wants to create a wide chip supplier base for its Windows Phone 7 devices and this will benefit both Nokia as well as other chip suppliers.

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