Thursday, April 10, 2014

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update - Bunch of Error Fill the Environment

After recommendation, Most of Windows users are followed the guideline to update their existing operating system with newbie update Windows 8.1. But, things become worst & painful with Windows behaviors after applied installation. A source (Microsoft’s Answers forum) revel that many bug has been reported by hundreds of users via online channel. Most of users have received update reference from vendor’s KB and proceeded towards update process. After hit & trial with required update, finally they received Error Message i.e. a kind of bug.

List of Bugs:

After collecting live cases, it becomes possible to classify some major errors that are as follows:

1 - Update Failed at Installation Stage: Among multiple users that have discussed their problem on Microsoft official website, one is ‘Poster Agfox_46’ that says:

“My wife got failed message during update with Windows 8.1 at installation stage. After following all alternative references, I still halted at installation stage again.”

2 - Error code 80073712: This error came in to lime light when users were attempted to run DISM.EXE (Deployment Image Servicing and Management). This error was reported at DOS prompt. 

3 - Barrier in Process Completion: This error came out when users were halted at installation stage i.e. a mid-process of Windows 8.1 update.  

4 - Trouble with Outlook 2013: Some of users also have been faced erratic behavior in their Email system i.e. Outlook 2013. After done everything that was needed for Windows 8.1 update, user have major problem in email application i.e. messed with IMAP account. This problem is known as update with Office 2013. However, some of MVP’s were explained that it is a type of corruption in permission status in IMAP enabled accounts but users are denied this explanation. This is because, all users are received this error after update with operating system.

After these series of issue with Windows 8.1 update, it become more crucial for users to have wait for any update in OS till Microsoft’s upcoming clarification on reported bug.

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