Thursday, April 17, 2014

Newly Added Features in Microsoft Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 debuted in January month of year 2013 by Microsoft Inc. This fresh arrival of email client makes a possibility to rethink on bond that was broken by many users due to favor of faster email service. This email client is an integral part of Office 2013.

Preliminary Test: In first phase of review with Outlook 2013, it shows pleasant arrangement with mail items. It also gives a new edge for social interaction. 

Streamed Features: In broad way, Outlook 2013 has introduced following newbie features:

  • Sleek Design
  • Option to view only ‘Unread Emails’
  •  Faster reply option
  • Advanced Message Preview
  •  People Hub
  • Zoom Slider
  • Attachment reminder
  •  Themes
  • Weather Bar
Sleek Design: It gives a new way to view snapshot of contacts, Journals, calendars or mailbox. 

Option to view only ‘Unread Emails’: In Outlook 2013, user can check all unread emails at top of mailbox. To accomplish it, just use ‘Unread’ mail filter. Apart from reading unread email, if you are interested to check all emails either read or unread then use ‘All’ option.

Faster reply option: Communication part of this email client is improved in better way. Outlook user can reply directly in existing ‘Reading Pane’. Apart from reply option, ‘Lync IM’ is used for real-time chat conversation. You can also use commands in the message list for implementing quick action. Available commands are ‘Flag’, ‘Delete’ and ‘Mark’. 

Advanced Message Preview: In earlier version of Outlook, user only can interact with sender’s name and subject line for each email item. To see content of body, it is required to double click.

In Outlook 2013, user can see content of body in preview mode. This offer seems like a valuable outcome to view whole message in scan mode without reaching or opening any mail individually.

People Hub: It is a great revolution by Outlook 2013 to collect all contact information at a single platform. Apart from hub of communication, it also gives wide update related to social media channel for each contact stored in Outlook.

Zoom Slider:  This option gives flexibility to adjust ‘preview pane’ or ‘message view’ according to suitable level. But, it is lost when you click to return from current message.

Attachment Reminder: This feature is basically developed to avoid forgotten attachments. It works on the algorithm to find attachment related words in body of outbound message. If this methodology finds any word like file, attachment or attached then it warns the user before sending mail to targeted destination.

Themes: Outlook user can customize their application’s background in distinct way. This feature gives a pretty appearance for Outlook application.

Weather Bar: This corner allows the user to familiar with updated weather report in instant way.

After reviewing all these additional features that are mentioned above, it is clear that Microsoft puts their full potential to retain new user from other email clients. Many experts also are claimed that migration rate is seen in exponential rate after debut of Outlook 2013. 

So try the advanced features that are enabled in Outlook 2013 to make your communication channel barrier-less.

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