Wednesday, March 26, 2014

‘Windows Azure’ will become 'Microsoft Azure': Says Microsoft Inc.

Popular cloud computing environment ‘Windows Azure’ is now ready for transition with its naming convention.  According to source, it is expected that it will affect the name of other products like Windows Phone.  Microsoft takes this decision to robust the branding factor of organization. Now this tech giant is moving towards the new strategy of promotion with sidelining the “Windows” term from its product’s punch line.  

Behind the screen, the following factors are playing crucial role for this big amendment. Those are:

1 - Brand Promotion: With evolution of heavy-weight competitors, it becomes tedious to compete on the ground of ‘Windows’ slogan. It is better to represent company’s product via organization centric platform.  This step also helps to improve the brand value of company indirectly.

2 - To extend the Boundary:  After merger with Nokia, it becomes necessary for Microsoft to convey a large message in tech community. It is very clear that things can’t be managed without thinking out of box. This approach makes a convenient base for attracting additional users across the world. 

3 - Supports beyond the Windows: Now this strategy helps to make a fruitful sense that it covers user of other platforms. Being a user of ‘Microsoft Azure’, you can run this cloud computing infrastructure on Linux as well as virtual operating systems.

4 - For Long sustainability: With organization brand value, it maximizes the chances to get more popularity among users. Now days, Windows OS are decaying the expectation of users. After receiving such responses, Microsoft doesn’t loss the battle of cloud computing market due to Windows sense as mentioned with product. 

 However, this step is taken for enhancing the sale of cloud computing service of Microsoft. But, most of Windows users are even not sure about Azure service. In this scenario, it becomes tougher to acquire market for more presence.  Apart from faded image among Windows users, Google’s cloud computing gains more popularity in users across the web.

Now wait & watch to know clearer picture of this decision in upcoming days.

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