Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Back up the Outlook Data to Avoid a Disaster

Being complacent about your emails in the Outlook mailbox is a direct invitation to data loss. It is often noticed that MS Outlook users form an opinion that all the emails and other information in their application are safe. However, reality is a bit different from such imagination. The truth is no application can vouch for security, especially in case of unfavorable events. There are cases when you might come across loss of all emails and you do not find a way to get them back.

MS Outlook is undoubtedly a secure application; however, some cases simply put constraints on its security and you fail to control over the things. Before going into details, let us understand where the data is lost. You might know that MS Outlook uses a PST file to store all its data. The file consists of all business-critical information, yet is placed on local workstation and becomes corruption-prone as it grows in size. The PST size is one of the major and most common causes of its corruption because Microsoft has released each of the MS Outlook versions with a prescribed PST size limit as given below:
  • 2 GB in Outlook 2002 and lower versions
  • 20 GB in Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007
  • 50 GB in Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013

When the defined file size limit exceeds, PST file becomes corrupt. Therefore, the first thing to consider is controlling the PST from becoming larger. It can be done by removing irrelevant or unnecessary emails and other items, and then compacting the file. You can also split the PST file into several smaller files. However, a smart technique is to take the backup of all emails, as you might not keep in mind always to check the file size and if it is about to reach the limit, compact or split it. When you have a backup, it simply eliminates the email loss issue; however, make sure that you have the latest and full backup.

Backing up all the emails and other Outlook data manually is time taking and cannot be done every day. It also might not guarantee that all of the data has been backed up. Therefore, it is good to automate the task with the help of a third party mail backup software program. Our suggestion is Stellar Phoenix Mail Backup Software. This software will back up everything in the Outlook mailbox and allow you to schedule the backup operation in addition to many other options. You can get this software from official webpage of Stellar i.e.

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