Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top 8 Fun Apps for your iPod Touch

The iPod touch is one of the many media playing devices that will strike to your mind. This is because it is one exceptional media player. You can always count on it while you are out on vacation and have gone to a picnic or recreation. The iPod touch is one device that no other competitor company is able to compete with, since it was launched. It is a chargeable gadget with the looks of an iPhone. The device has the Wi-Fi and 3G connection with the help of which, the device can access online websites and work online as if you have you palm device with you or the tablet in your hands. 

While this device serves it purpose, more than it has bargained for, the device should be given a leverage of providing protective measures for its use. You can only justify its use by the help of accessories like the iPod touch cases and covers, along with apps and software. The apps can change the functionality of the device, making it into a good camera, a good media player of course, as it is made that way, a good internet browser and a tablet for work and utility dealing stuff. Some of the apps that you can download with the iPod are as follows:
  • Foldify: This app is good for Origami art online. You can tell your children how to make shapes out of paper.  The art can then be shared online on your social media accounts like Facebook etc. This will create a sense of innovation and open the thinking criteria in children. The app also has tutorials on different shape making as well. After you have mastered the art on the application, you can start to make your own Origami art with paper and colors.
  • Currency Converter: This app can be used easily for the currency conversion from one currency to another form any country and state. You can feed in the rate of conversion and then put any amount in it to get the required result. It will be as good as the result on calculator. I have always been using this app on my iPod if I am visiting my relatives in another country. It has helped me through the American dollar conversions into Chinese currency and Australian dollars too.
  • Dart5corer: This is the real dart game while the player plays against the computer. The darts will be counted by the computer as to how much you have scored. This way you will be able to enjoy a good game against a worthy opponent and also update your score in the national chart of dart boarders in your country.
  • QR Code Generator: This app is good for all those who would like to have personalized QR codes for their products in their small entrepreneurial business. The generator also has a QR code analyzer. This will help you to read the information embedded in other products, as email addresses, names, phone numbers etc. You can tag in your own kind of information in your own product based QR codes.
  • Arm Workouts and Exercises: This kind of an app is necessary for all those who want to lose weight and workout for their body to become physically fit. This app will advise you based on your weight and height, what exercises you must follow, how much running you should do every day etc. It will also help you in deciding on what kind of activities will keep you fit as a fiddle if you are not working out daily by any chance.
  • Scrabble: Yes, it is now available as a virtual game for you. You can make the words on the virtual board and invite your friends to challenge you as well. You can also have 4 friends play with you on the same game board by logging in and playing online with the help of this app. You can upload your scores on Facebook too.
  • Monopoly: Now who loves to buy and build land and property on Monopoly? Everyone does and this is why this app is available for not only the iPod lovers, but for those who use an iPhone or the iPad as well. You can play the game in the same way as you do on the physical board in your house, with friends and players from all around the world. This game is played online through this app so you can access special features of the game as well.
  • Solitaire: Do you miss playing solitaire on your computer? Now on your picnic, you can play this game in your iPod the same way as you do at home. This game will update scores with your name in its database and you can search your name online in the scoreboard as well.
For more apps, go to iTunes. This is the authentic way to download the apps; however, you can also download the apps from different third party online developer sites as well.

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