Friday, July 19, 2013

A new launch of Smartphone by Blackberry

Technology is accelerating with great speed. Different technical gadgets have improved to its best to grab the attention of large amount of people. People have raised their expectations from these gadgets. In order to fulfil these requirements competition among different brands is increasing. Different brand launches their technical gadgets with more advanced features. Similarly is the case with mobile phones. All the mobile phones companies are trying their best to provide the customer with much enhanced mobile as per their requirement and comfort. Blackberry is also one such brand which tries to facilitate the user with its new launches of phone. Blackberry earlier launched Blackberry Q10 and Blackberry Z10 with the hope to again grab the attention of all users towards itself. But because of its higher range it did not fascinate the user much.

Recently blackberry launched Blackberry Q5, which can be regarded as a cost effective model of blackberry which covers the speed and fluidity of Blackberry Q10. More features of Q5 are as follows:
  1. Display: Q5 has a screen resolution of 720x720 pixels with 3.5 inch screen size. The phone has enough space which makes easy for the user to work and play. The screen resolution of the phone makes gives you a clear and imagery text or picture.
  2. Cost effective: The most suitable feature of this phone is its cost effective range. Which was lacking in the earlier launches of Blackberry which were Q10 and Z10? The price of this phone is below 25,000 Rs. Though this phone is not the exact copy of its earlier version Q10 but still this phone contains all those features which grabbed the attention of the user towards Blackberry Q10.
  3. Easy to carry: With the slim body and curvy edges this becomes easy to carry and use. Also this phone comes in three different exciting colors which are back, white and red.
  4. Camera and Keyboard: The less expensive blackberry Q5 comes with 5 MP cameras and a QWERTY keyboard. The camera quality of the camera is good. The daylight pictures of the camera are clear and crisp.
  5. Swipe feature: Blackberry Q5 is designed in such a way that one can easily experience using the keyboard and its swipe control.

Review of the phone: At last we can say that this Smartphone offers touch and type experience. Also you can enjoy all the latest features and applications at a lower price. So this is a perfect option for all blackberry lovers to experience all the features of a good Smartphone at a cost effective range.

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