Monday, July 22, 2013

Hidden Features of the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is simple on the surface but packed with numerous hidden features that let users to grow more out of their iPhone 5. If you want to be power user for your iPhone, it is better to know about hidden features of the device. So here are some of the favorite’s features that will surely help you the most.

·         Take a Photo While Recording Video –
Now users can take a multiple photo and record video at the same time. For this all you have to do is to make sure that you are in photo only mode.

·         Do Not Disturb Mode –
When this feature is switched on, you will not get any call or message when your phone is locked. Good thing is that you can also select the peoples; from who you will accept calls during this mode.

·         Customized Vibration –
You can now create and record your own vibrations for all incoming calls.

·         Late Night Music Listening –
This mode of EQ lowers the bass level and thus makes your music less intrusive.

·         LED Alert for Calls and Texts –
We can turn ON this feature to use camera flash as a notification alert for calls and texts, though it is useful only in loud environment as flash light is very bright.

·         Automatic WiFi Backups –
Using this setting enabled, iPhone will automatically backup to local pc if iPhone and pc are at same WiFi network.

·         Open Apps with Siri –
People generally use Siri to set appointments, send text messages and make calls, but Siri can do much more. Siri can also be used to open other apps.

·         Get Better Reception –
You can turn off 4G LTE to save battery life and to get full coverage in reliable 3G/2G signal.

·         On Screen Home Button –
Users can put the home button anywhere on the screen and use it inside of any app.

·         Built-in Scientific Calculator –
iPhone have a built in scientific calculator. All you have to do is to rotate the iPhone into landscape mode.

·         Night mode for every app –
Only few apps on iPhone have a night mode facility to dim the screen lightning at night. But you can turn on night mode for every app on iPhone by turning on the invert color option.

These new features will surely help you to get more out from your iPhone 5. There are a lot more hidden features in iPhone which will be discussed in upcoming posts.

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