Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ultrabook- Ready to Avail Thinnest and Lightest Gadget

In lesser span of time, Ultrabook takes a big share among the fastest computing gadgets. It has given a new orientation where the user can work in a fastest and portable platform. Earlier computer used to take lot of space and does not offer good speed. But now in this fastest growing era where every single minute is precious, you cannot afford to waste your time. Ultrabook is designed in such a way that it serves at the same time when the users need it and is also portable to use. Ultrabook gives various advantages in its usage over various computing gadgets such as laptop, tablet, Macbook.
Let’s have a look towards Ultrabook advantages over these devices:-

Advantages of Ultrabook over Laptop:

  • Provides maximum mobility: Laptops takes much time in downloading any software this becomes time taking process, but Ultrabook lightens the burden and download any application or software easily in a short span.
  • Battery life: Ultrabook can work for continuous 5 to 6 hours after charging it once, whereas laptop can work for maximum 3 to 4 hours after charging.
  • Less time for any task: Ultrabook takes lesser time for any task whether it is switching between different folders, lesser boot time; fast connect to internet even after sleep mode etc.

Advantages of Ultrabook over Tablet:

  • Provides you more storage area: Tablet is small is size which means small area for storage also. Though cloud computing can be helpful for tablet, but it does not help in the case when you do not have internet accessibility, in that case Ultrabook is the best option.
  • Gives more options to the user: Ultrabook comes with a large variety of option over tablets available for the user. User can pick the Ultrabook with their desired configuration and look.
  • Compatibility with Outlook: As tablet are android based, therefore they do not have comes with Outlook compatible options. Whereas, Ultrabook are window based and have compatibility with Outlook.

Advantage of Ultrabook over Macbook Air:

  • Cheaper: Ultrabook is cost effective than Mac Book air. This is one the biggest reason to go with Ultrabook overs MacBook Air.
  • Provides additional port option: Many of the top picks Ultrabook provides more port than the MacBook Air.
  • Superior Screen Quality: Ultrabook anyway provide better screen quality with a better screen resolution than MacBook Air.
  • Better touchpad: When it comes to control the entire software and hardware of these computing devices we need a touchpad. Ultrabook offers better touchpad than MacBook Air.
  • Compatibility with Outlook: Mac book Air is not compatible with Outlook 2013 and thus does not create PST files, whereas Ultrabook are window based and compatible with all versions of Outlook.

Hence with so many advantage of Ultrabook over various computing devices. It becomes easy to choose Ultrabook over Laptop, Tablet, Macbook etc.

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