Friday, July 12, 2013

iPad 5- A new launch in the market

Apple is one such brand which always tries to fantasize its user with more and more new launches with some new features enhancing the product. Every time apple launches any new gadget there is always a variation in the look with more advanced functionality. Now apple is ready to launch fifth generation iPad this September. The new iPad is designed with modified look and functionality. This iPad is expected to offer same form factor like the iPad's mini. This version of Apple iPad is enclosed by modified backlight and better battery life.

Some of the features of this upcoming iPad are as follows:
  1. Best display: This mobile device has the best picture display among all with 9.7 retina display. This makes image look clear. This will give a new experience to user to witness such clear and life like images.
  2. Two time’s faster performance: The A6X chip makes this device more powerful and power efficient by providing quick response to every tap, flick or punch. Hence this makes convenient working on the iPad.
  3. Power packed battery: The battery life of this device is excellent. This iPad can provide 10 hours of working on a single time charging. This increases the reliability of the user towards it.
  4. Numerous apps available: You can find about 275,000 apps from the App store for just about anything. The apps of this phone include games, songs, online books, messenger etc.
  5. Fastest wireless: iPad with retina display has ultrafast WI-Fi that is two times faster than the earlier version of iPad. This means you can easily switch from one browser to another or from one web page to another while working on this latest iPad.
  6. iPad smart covers and smart case: Every important and precious things need to be handled properly so is the case here. iPad has smart cases and smart covers which instantly wake iPad when opened and fold into a stand. This comforts you while using the device.
  7. Slightly thinner: The earlier versions of the iPad were slightly thicker due to use of two tubes inside. Therefore this Apple will launch its new iPad version in a thinner and lighter form.

By these excellent features and eye catching look this version of iPad is expected to grab the attention of each and every individual towards itself.

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