Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Which is better-Samsung S4 or HTC One

Now a days with the extreme advancement in the technology, technical gadgets are booming with the more advancement in them. One the highly demanded technical gadgets includes smartphones which have drawn the attention of every individuals towards itself. Different companies launch their smartphones with unique qualities and features in them. This has also led to great competition among different smartphones from different brands. Different brands try to include unique features to their phones to make them more advanced from other brands. There are two such smartphones Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One in the market which have gained complete attention of the customers

The differences in their features are explained as follows:

  1. Screen:
Samsung Galaxy S4: The most eye catching feature of this phone is its 5 inch wider screen. It also features a sharp 1,920x1, 080-pixel resolution. The screen is both dimmer and more reflective than all other smartphones which makes it more noticeable.

HTC One: This phone has slightly smaller screen than S4 it has 4.7 inch LCD screen. But also boasts the same 1,920x1, 080 HD resolution. This phone carries a beautiful and colourful screen with text appearing more crisp and clear.

  1. Storage Quality:
Samsung Galaxy S4: S4 comes with 16GB, 24GB and 64GB configurations and also S4 comes with a SD card slot that can store upto 64GB of any additional storage.

HTC One: this phone does not have any space for micro SD card slot for any additional storage. This phone is also available with 16GB, 24GB and 64GB configurations.

  1. Battery Backup:
Samsung Galaxy S4: Samsung contains 2,600mAH battery. The battery can be removed when you take off the back cover. You can change the battery in case your battery fails. Samsung also sells separate battery covers that are compatible with wireless charging.

HTC One: HTC One has slightly lower capacity 2,300mAH battery. The battery of this phone is not removable. In case the battery fails you need to send the whole device for repair or replace the phone for a fresh handset.

  1. Android version used:
Samsung Galaxy S4: S4 uses the latest version of android which is jellybean 4.2.2

HTC One: This phone uses slightly older version of the android which is 4.1.2 and also the device does support the enhanced Google Now search function.

By taking a glance on some of the features of both the phone we can clearly say that Samsung S4 holds more advantage than HTC One.

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