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Learn to Take Backup of Outlook Data in Outlook

Backup is an attempt to secure data and to avoid any data loss experience. It gives an assurance to meet data availability after facing a big trouble like crash, deletion of data or damage in file. After assuming all these situations, you can imagine the real importance of backup in Outlook. However, this process shows little bit variation from one version to another. This procedure can be easily performed at user's end with effective guidelines. Once you have completed backup task, then you would be able to save data till last minute changes. For better convenient, it is more suitable that you make habit to take backup on routine basis like daily, hourly or weekly. 

Email is primary requirement for a user and this is a real insight that 95% of computer are used in word for a basic purpose of information sharing through a mail. If we consider the market share of popular email client then it is of Microsoft email-clients are now in the lead. So it is a necessity of a large volume of area to find a better backup management. In current scenario, data is growing in exponential rate but saviour approach is still much deviated from expectation level.

Statistics about top email client:

According to survey of 2012, the released data shows that Microsoft Outlook only covers up to 20.14 % of entire email-clients.

Email-clients Market Share

Microsoft Outlook 20.14 %

Volumes of seprate products :

Outlook 2010                                      5.96%

Outlook 2007                                      6.51%

(Outlook 2003 and pre versions
Outlook Express)                                7.68%

Importance and tricks for Outlook mail backup:

Microsoft also suggests for backing up data on regular time of interval. It is just for making an assurance to get data in critical conditions. Microsoft Outlook facilitates to take backup in manual way. If you have planned to perform Outlook mail backup procedure then you should follow the following steps from top to bottom order likewise :

1 - Find PST file for which backup is planned : In this step, we have a prime objective to find out the PST file in which all data are stored like calendar, tasks , journals and contacts.

  • Select “File” option in menu bar
  • Click on "Data File Management" or select "Account Settings" under “Tools”
  • Now go through the "Data Files" and marks the file for backup
  • In last, click on “Open Folder” to take .pst files

2 - Choose the mode of backup as per need:

  • Exporting PST file
  • Archiving PST file
  • Personal Folder backup tool

In export procedure, you basically copy the contents towards a .pst file. If you want to use archiving method then it can be done through auto archiving function that is available in Outlook in default mode. Personal Folder backup tool is a free utility that is provided by Microsoft. It can easily download from official website of Microsoft.

So, backup for Outlook data become necessary before getting any big vulnerable situation towards the data. Backup is considered as pre-planned activity to make the availability of data forever. Backup is the most prominent way to save data in best organized way.

If you are using Outlook then generally you should take following steps for backup:

1 - Open application

2 – Go to File menu and click Backup.

3 - Now click 'Option' and select the .pst file for backup process

If you are interested to take backup for Outlook 2010 then you must do slightly different activity. Apart from this issue, this manual technique is not effective when you are opting for backup in enterprise network.

With evaluation on these limitation, there is need for such utility that serves backup task easily. To accomplish the backup procedure correctly, Outlook user can take Microsoft certified mail backup software from well known data recovery company.

Mail backup software is a complete solution for backup methodology with multiple features. It does not only support Outlook but also gives an opportunity for backup in Window live mail and Express. This software can be applied in backup task with customized user's requirement. If you want that the backup file should be password protected then apply protection on backed up file by a utility.

After detailed analysis, the following characteristics are found in a efficient mail backup software:

1 - It makes task comprehensive and easier.

2 - It saves time and efforts of Outlook user.

3 - User can store backed up data at specified location.

4 - Can be apply on specific item or folder.

5 - Backup of all items like calendar, tasks, contacts and emails.

6 - Works with all versions in Outlook even Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 also.

7 - Easy navigation with strong graphical support.

If we take a complete testing on product basis, then it is benefitted to all users who are involved with emails application for assured data existence.

Best and effective tool for complete backup:

After seeing the requirement of backup process and multiple email applications like Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail, it is need to get such tool that is effective to minimize the burden of backup process. In context of time saving backup procedure, Outlook mail backup utility is more effective. This utility becomes more effective when it works with PST and OST file both. So, you can take a big advantage with backup software .

Being best Outlook backup software, you can take advantage of following features:

1 - A full fledged backup solution: It gives a chance to take complete backup for all data either working in online mode or offline mode. It also covers all entities of Outlook items like journals, tasks, calendar or notes.

2 - Save backed up data at specified location: After taking backup process, you can save this data as per your choice. You can also take backup at external device.

3 - Can be used in customized mode: Outlook user can take backup on specified need like hours, days, and weeks or monthly.

4 - Give protection with backup data: For sensitive places, chances of threat by inruder are so high. To resolve such types of security threat, this mail backup software is effective to apply a better protection.

5 - Interactive interface: This software gives a high end of interactive graphics for ease convenience to Outlook users. It is so easy that even you try it at first time but assure to feel no bad corner in navigation.

It is common problem that Outlook users are forgetting to take backup on timely basis. But it happens only due to lack of fast service providing tool. The backup utility is not only helps to take backup at right time but also encourage users to do it again and again. If user is interested to take backup on a scheduled time then it can be set by customized mode option. Form this feature, you can start this process in different approach like hourly,weekly or monthly. As per need, you can also save data at specified location for safe availability in future. It makes an assurance to make data lasting forever. So, understand the importance of backup and avail an excellent utility for this routine task.

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