Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Blackberry Q10 - Smartphone for physical keyboard

Mobile phone has become one of the important part of any individual without which one can’t imagine to survive. Phones have become the main mode of communication to people all around the world. But now days, smartphones have taken a vast phase. Smartphones are embedded with numerous new and advanced features which draws the attention of every individual. Recently blackberry has launched a Blackberry Q10 in India. It has been launched in India on 6th June and have started retailing from 7th June in almost 20 cities.

One of the most noticeable feature of this phone is that it is a QWERTY keypad . Keeping in mind that physical keyboard phones are becoming rare as touch screen mobile devices take over. Blackberry has launched this phone for the users who prefer speedy, accurate and more comfortable phone usage through push buttons. Most of the people still find QWERTY phone more comfortable than any touch screen phone. This phone also reflects a similar look like any other blackberry phone.

This is a attractive phone which is built using steel and feels incredibly tough. The back cover is made of plastic. The back cover looks great, feels velvety in touch and gives Q10 a perfect look which makes it more attractive. Q10 has touch screen resolution 720*720 pixels, which is very good. It reflects rich color and is very clear to see. This phone is touch and type phone which do not have button to accept or reject calls. Instead the phone has a touch screen to navigate around the phone. This 3.1 inch touch screen is quite comfortable to work on.

The storage quality of this phone is also very good this phone is powered by dual core processor which is 1.5 GHz. It has 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. Also has support for micro SD card an 8 Mega pixel rear camera with 2 mega pixel front camera.

Some of the exciting features of this phone are:

  • Q10 also offers fast browsing and fast loading of the web page.
  • Q10 has an intelligent calendar, which creates meeting and appointments easily by knowing who to invite.
  • The most reliable feature of this phone is that it offers excellent security with Blackberry Security.
  • Q10 also contains a feature to work on adobe reader and documents.
  • Q10 has Blackberry Maps to get there with confidence with spoken turn by turn navigation and traffic alert.

With all these amazing qualities this phone is expected to grab the attention of most of the customers towards itself.

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