Tuesday, May 14, 2013

WhatsApp: Is it a full stop to SMS?

WhatsApp is an interesting application launched for android phones and other smart phones has taken a vast face all over the world. It has fascinated the people in the craziest way that more and more people are getting linked to this application. With this application along with sending messages you can exchange videos, audios, images etc. Hence now sending pictures is no tougher with this application. This application is free for the first year which is like cherry on the cake. You get this feature from the Google Play in the Google store.

Reason to use Watsapp:

  1. No extra cost: You do not need to pay any extra money to install this application. You and your friend can freely download this application and chat for the whole day for free. It only requires internet connection: 3G or Wi-Fi when available.

  1. Multimedia message exchange: With this exciting application you can send videos, audios, picture messages etc.

  1. No need to Log in/Log out: WhatsApp do not requires the provision of Log in or Log out you just switch off from the WhatsApp screen your WhatsApp automatically logs off. Also when you want to go to the WhatsApp screen your WhatsApp logs in.

  1. Provision of Group Chat: You can also enjoy group chat with your friends from your contacts.

  1. Can receive offline messages also: If you turn off your phone, WhatsApp will save your offline message until you read those messages in your next use of WhatsApp.

  1. No charges for international messages: With this application you can chat with your friends or relatives all over the world freely. You do not need to pay extra cost for international chatting on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp lead to decline in SMS service:

WhatsApp has lead to the severe declination in the SMS instant message service. There are many reasons for this such as firstly sending messages is not free it is not a free service. And also if you get message pack also then these service packs have certain limits. But in WhatsApp you do not have any limit for sending messages you can send ample of message to your friends freely. Hence people find this application more suitable and easy to use. The only requirement for the usage of WhatsApp application is internet service availability. Hence application has lead to less or no use of SMS service if you have WhatsApp installed in your Smartphone.

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