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A complete reference of Outlook Express recovery operation

Outlook Express, a veteran Microsoft email client is used widely among corporate professionals. A number of characteristics make this application last forever. A feature of this email system is that it is so user friendly that any user avoids to migrate from this to another. That is why, a large volume of Outlook Express users are still using this email client for their business and personal requirements. If you have the responsibility to manage multiple accounts then it can be done in Outlook Express easily. This methodology saves time and efforts of user from switching from one place to another.

Every email system has a predefined storage i.e. known as warehouse for data. In Outlook Express, DBX file plays the role of storing Outlook data at local hard drive.

Origins of DBX file: DBX file is basically derived from the concept of file system. In many areas, it is also similar with database terms. It is basically designed to store data in predefined allocation. These database files are defined with .dbx extension. The earlier version of Outlook Express 4.0 that was enabled with Windows 98 stored message in file format with .mbx extension. Its post versions store data in .dbx file format.

Reasons for sustaining Outlook Express after replacement with Window Live Mail:

There are couple of reasons behind the success of Outlook Express like interoperability, robustness, support with messenger and operational simplicity. All these facilities make Outlook Express perfect now-a-days to boost the client relations beyond the level. When Microsoft launched Windows Vista then Outlook Express was replaced by Windows Live Mail. But this replacement was not able to break connectivity from user's end.

Hot burning issues with DBX file in Outlook Express:

However, DBX file gives better data accessibility due to a fixed pattern but it also faces problems related to damage or corruption. If any corruption occurs with DBX file then it can lead towards the critical section where data may be lost at any moment while inaccessibility is already suffered by user. These problems are arise due to several known and unknown reasons. At the user end, it is possible to make a prevention rule for known errors and bugs but no dedicated plan is feasible to implement for unknown errors.

There are some notable problems that may be experienced by users:

1 - Unable to send/receive: If you click on send/receive option and fail to get response then it might be possible that your DBX file is corrupted or damaged. At this stage, you should check DBX file that resides at local hard drive.

2 - Increased time for operational tasks: Before getting a bad result like losing control of data, Outlook shows some signals for upcoming threat. It reveals problem with operational activities that consume more time rather than previous. These operations are download, sending or receiving emails and opening the stored messages. If a user avoids to put his efforts in favour of Outlook Express then it is possible to receive distortion in data as soon as possible.

3 - Missing messages from folder: Sometimes, it is possible that when you open your Outlook Express inbox and gets a big problem to find zero messages in the folder. This situation can be only solved through a powerful assistance. Getting zero items in Outlook inbox may be a threat with DBX file structure. This thing takes your data to the critical zone where you have no assurance to find the lost messages from inbox again.

4 - Alteration in DBX file structure: DBX file structure is set on the primary objective to save from unknown errors and attacks. Any alteration or changes with DBX file structure can easily destroy the accessibility of data. Basically, if we assume that a particular DBX file gets corrupt then it means that you must have an extensive methodology to redesign DBX file correctly again.

5 - Delay in getting new emails: This symptom reflects the situation of delay to response of an applied action. At this stage, if you check DBX file and are ready to take required steps then you would be able to save data from unknown threat. This practice is much beneficial for Outlook Express users to avoid any big issues in advance.

6 - Hangs or freezes in application: If you receive such type of problem while you are working with Outlook Express then you should review the size of DBX file. It is already advised that you should take a set of actions before your folder reaches nearby 2 GB.

7- Damaged Inbox: Inbox folder plays a big role for email conversation. Most of the emails are received in this folder. After a time span, it becomes flooded with several mail items. So, you should avoid adding a little bit extra burden on this folder. For this, user can create an additional folder for incoming mails from a couple of senders. If you are not taking positive steps regarding Inbox folder then get ready to find a damaged Inbox with multiple cons.

Major threat to DBX file: If we focus on all possibilities then it should be clear that a number of reasons are responsible as a well as are known spotted points with DBX file as follows:

1 - Error: It is the primary cause for most of cases faced by Outlook Express community. The biggest problem with this point is uncertainty. Except for a few reported errors in Outlook Express, most of the problems are coming under the section of mysterious category. We can protect from only known errors but unable to do anything more with unexpected errors.

2 - Power failure: It is necessary to arrange power-backup appropriately. Due to power shortage, your email application is closed in a brutal manner. This practice is a major problem that leads to corruption in DBX file.

3 - Virus: Virus or worms could damage you DBX file badly. So, remove all these issues through a powerful anti-virus software.

Know the possibility with Outlook Express recovery utility: It is true that Microsoft itself doesn't develop any kind of utility for Outlook Express recovery. To get such type of software, you can check third party software companies. The basic task of an Express recovery tool is redesigning damaged file structure. With proper re-construction of DBX file structure, you will get lost data or control back.

Speciality about Outlook Express recovery software: Apart from general characteristics, an Outlook Express recovery solution has the following features:

1 - Able to kick-off the process of DBX recovery: An excellent tool only can implement right algorithm with successful results. In fact, you can't imagine to recover Outlook Express without proper adjustment with DBX file.

2 - Offers different mode for customized use: If you have the option to use a preferred tool with customized feature then it is a big achievement for DBX related cases.

3 - Certified by authenticate body: If a tool bags certification from a trusted body like Microsoft, Sun-system or Oracle then you can prefer that tool over other solutions.

In conclusion, an efficient Outlook Express recovery software is the prime requirement for successful data recovery. It isn’t possible to get recovery of DBX file without a robust system that has enough potential to construct file system structure again. So, find a reliable tool for DBX recovery via third party to regain access on Outlook Express.

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