Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mac Mini -A complete desktop from Apple

Mac mini is also one of the inventions from a big brand name Apple. Mac mini is the first Macintosh desktop that works without keyboard, display or mouse. This device was designed after the huge success of iMac. This device was designed basically for those users who switch from a Window PC to Macintosh operating system. This device has display, keyboard and mouse already. Mac mini has a noticeable feature which is it ha HDMI video port which connects to TV or other displays easily.
Other fascinating features of this device are listed as follows:

  1. Serves Quad core power: Mac mini with OS X server has 2.3GHz Quad core Intel core i7 processor which gives you hilarious speed and swift performance. If you will add 6MB of L3 cache your Mac mini will serves with the best of performance and speed. Which means it will become power packed.

  1. Thunderbolt technology: This technology enables the use of two channels at the same connector with 10GBPS of throughput in both directions. The data transfer here is 12 times faster than Fire Wire 800.

  1. Easily handles more users: This device lets you add any number of PC or Macintosh users without any license for each user. So you can improve your business with no extra charge.

  1. Physical layout: It is 7.7 inches square and 1.4 inches tall, it weighs around I Kg. The exterior of Mac mini is made of aluminum with a plastic cover on the top and bottom. The back of the device contains ports for I/O and vents for the cooling of the device.

  1. Server application: The Macintosh operating system is easy to use so is with the Mac Mini with OS X server. The server application guides you with the step by step process and in case you find any difficulty you can use Help menu and exit. This makes the device convenient for the users who have not run any server before.

Mac Mini vs iMac: Mac Mini is the device for home Mac users where as iMac tops out the price range. The iMac is built around a 21.5in or 27in HD, IPS display. It makes it all in one device. Whereas Mac Mini does not come with a display you need to connect it with monitor or TV. And then whereas iMac comes along with Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse, with the Mac mini you get, Mac mini and nothing else.

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