Thursday, May 9, 2013

Google Plus can give a good competition to Facebook

Now in this era the main mode of communication among people is through social networking sites. Earlier where the people had only one or two options for communication, now we have numerous options with lots of fantasizing features and applications. Undoubtedly Facebook is among those social networking sites that has trapped large amount of users with its flattering applications and features. But now a day, Google Plus has emerged as a new rival of Facebook which is giving a good competition to Facebook.

Though Google Plus has some features similar to Facebook with just a vocabulary change but people still find this social networking site more exciting and fresh site to use. Such as Facebook has “friendship requests” and “likes” similar to this Google plus has “add to circles” and “+1”.

Google Plus can be used not as a source to re-connect to older friends but to make new friends. Its architecture is built in such a way that it makes the user talk to strangers also. You can explore your ideas easily on Google plus. One more main feature of Google Plus is Hangout which enables group meetings, conversations and demonstrations at real time. Google Plus automatically imports your contacts from your Gmail contact list. This means you do not need to again create your contact list after creating your account on Google Plus.

As Google Plus has the option to maintain your contact list on the basis of particular groups such as friends, acquaintances, family etc. So with this facility if you want your post to be visible to a particular group only then you can choose the option for the same. Google Plus allows you to post your professional blogs and you may get more '+1' for that. However, Facebook can be used for personal shares only. Google Plus owned most of the search market; Google Plus is also very beneficial for brand promotion.

Therefore, it can be seen that Google Plus can give a tough competition to Facebook in coming days. People admire change and its being a long time people are using Facebook so there is great scope for Google+. Hence the new features and functionality of Google Plus attracts people towards itself. So there is no doubt that Google Plus may become the no. 1 social networking site in recent coming days.

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