Friday, March 22, 2013

Skype integration with outlook for Windows

Skype provides a service which allows user to contact people online through voice using microphones, can chat live using webcam and can also do instant messaging over internet. Skype is also famous for providing feature of file transfer and video conferencing. Skype is more efficient to use because it is free of cost and free to download. This service was earlier available for iPhone, iPad, iPod etc but now Skype has integrated with Outlook for Windows.

Skype has integrated with Outlook for Window desktop. This is an exciting and very helpful update as emails is used by large amount of people for work so those who use Skype have to spent a lot of time in handling emails and Skype desktop clients. Hence this is a significant update of Outlook integration with Skype for Window which facilitates the users in many ways.

Advantage of Outlook integration with Skype:

  1. Easy accessibility of Outlook contacts: It becomes easy to get in touch as this updates displays all the contact's online status, contact information etc. All these information can be seen on Outlook contact page.

  1. Easy to call any phone: With this update if you want to call someone from your Outlook contacts whether on mobile or landline, you can call easily because Skype will initiate the call for you. You do not need to have that contact on Skype to call. As long as that contact is saved in Outlook you can call easily.

  1. Keep in touch with Skype contacts: You can send instant messages, audios, and videos to the Skype contacts present in Outlook contact list.

  1. Easier to add any new contact: With this update it has become easier to add any new concept in the Outlook contact list. You can simply search them outside Outlook contact list, the result will come up and you can add them by double clicking on them.

  1. More accessible account information: This update has made the account information easily accessible.
Tool for integrating Skype with Microsoft Outlook:

SkyLook: This is the most popular and complete tool for integrating Skype functionality in Outlook. This tool contains many features and is also expensive to buy. Some of the features are call recording, answering machine and voicemails, extended inbox and many more. The best thing about this tool is that you can try this tool for 14 days before buying.
Hence this update turned out to be an effective one as this integration of Outlook with Skype brought more enhancements in the functionality of Outlook and Skype both.

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