Friday, April 12, 2013

HTC Smartphone that put you on crazy drive

HTC is High tech Computer Corporation that offers smartphones and tablets. HTC always tries to catch the whole attention of the user with its launches whether it is a smartphone or tablet. Latest launch of HTC One has also grabbed the whole attention of the customers on itself. This new phone is enriched with so many flattering features with an attractive look which is like a cherry on the delicious cake.

Some of the eye catching features of this smartphone are:

  1. Classic look: This phone is very slim which makes it look classy and easy handy. The look and feel of the phone very attractive which grabs the attention of every individual at once.

  1. Great Sound: Along with the classic look this phone is also accompanied by good sound system.

  1. Wonderful camera: Good camera is the requirement of every phone and so as this phone also has an awesome camera that captures 300 % more light from which you can get perfect images. With one press you can also continue shooting video.

  1. HD screen: This phone has the big LCD screen with full HD resolution. With this phone you can get all your favorite content live on one screen which means if it is happening presently it will be visible on your screen.

  1. Software with unique look: The software that pops up on the display of this phone is unique too. This hone has the latest android version 4.1.2 or Jelly Bean.

  1. Application to get weather update: This phone has an application to get weather update on your display.

  1. Long Lasting battery: Keeping in mind the more usage of battery this phone is designed in such a way to provide long lasting battery backup.

Reviews about the Phone: Here are some reviews from the people using this phone:

a) This phone is highly appreciated by users for its awesome look.
b) The phone takes good low light shot even without the flash.
c) Battery life of this phone is above the expectation. Which means it can last up to 1 full day at a moderate use.
d) There is one change which is not appreciated by the user is that the replacement Home button and the open apps button which creates a big confusion to the user.
e) Because of the front facing speakers and beats Audio software on the phone music sound becomes better than any other phone.

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