Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New releases of Sony Xperia Smartphones is awaiting

These days Sony has also created a boom in the market with its latest announcement to release two new Smartphones in this coming spring. Sony has recently launched its new smartphone Sony Xperia Z and now it is about to launch two more exciting smartphones which are Sony Xperia SP and Sony Xperia L. These mobiles are expected to create a huge craze among people with their pleasing features at a cost effective price.

People are still not out of the craze of Sony Xperia Z Smartphone and again Sony is ready to grab all the attention towards itself with the launch of new smartphones. Sony Xperia SP is a mash up of Sony's Smartphones S and P launched in 2012. Whereas Sony Xperia L is designed in such a way to make it a cost effective phone with all the new features.

About Sony Xperia SP: Sony Xperia SP is 4.6 inch screen phone that contains the mixed features of Sony xperia S and P models. This phone is having 12 megapixel camera. This phone is a bigger phone than Sony Xperia L. The technique used behind the making of this phone is same as sony Bravia high definition television. Inside it you can find GHz dual core Snapdragon processor.

This phone also has a thin strip of light at the bottom of the phone that describes different activities on the phone with different light indications. Such as this light indicates incoming of emails, messages, phone calls etc.

About Sony Xperia L: This is somewhat cost effective model of Sony which is designed by keeping in mind the pocket of normal people. This mobile has 4.3 inches display and 8 megapixel camera at the rear. This device has 1 GHz processor. This phone has High dynamic Range videos. And this phone is also designed in same way Sony Bravia television.

These phones may not be highly advanced with very advanced feature but this phone can act as an alternative of many Samsung's high level phones. These phones are available in three different colors red, black and white. Price of this these phones are still not declared and are likely to release in the second quarter of the month. This phone will be an advantage to those who want to use a smartphone with latest features at a cost effective price.

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