Thursday, March 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Grand- the sensation in the Smartphones

This phone is recently launched in the market by Samsung. This phone was a heratrobbing sensation before its launch also. Because this phone was made in such a way that it serves all the latest features at an affordable price. This phone is enriched with number of grand features which can attract anybody. The features of this phone are made in such a way that you can not resist yourself from buying this phone. Not only the features but its functionality also plays an important part in increasing its craze.

Some the great features of this phone are:

  1. Wide screen: The best part of this phone is its 12.7 cm wide screen which gives a great visibility of any picture shown. Because of the wide screen, this phone can be treated as a mini iPad.

  1. Multi Window option: The most attractive feature of this phone is that you can work on multiple Windows at the same time. Unlike other phone you do not have to close your window to switch to any other window.

  1. Dual Sim: This feature is the most demandable features these days because people do not want to carry many phones for different sim card. It is because usually people use two sims one for personal and other for professional use. Hence they want a phone which can carry their both the some cards together.

  1. 8 MP camera: These days people demand for the best camera which gives clarity to their picture for this reason this phone can be the best. This phone can be an advantage to the camera freak persons.

  1. Jelly Bean OS: This phone has the latest android version which is 4.1.2(Jelly Bean). Because of this version of android this phones gives you great graphic features which gives fluid functionality of the graphics.

  1. Amazing Power Backup: The main requirement for every phone is its good power backup, and this phone provides excellent power backup along with so many enhanced features.

  1. Good Memory storage: This phone has good memory storage that means you do not have to think about the memory of the phone before saving your favorite data. As this phone has * GB memory with 1 GB RAM facility.
Hence this phone is a collection of so many exciting any enriched features. All these feature of the phone creates a big craze among the people who look for the best and latest features in a phone at an affordable price.

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