Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fix errors which can be a barrier for DBX file

With alarm of error sign, most probably Outlook Express users are restricted to access data from their mailbox. Most of Outlook express experts have proved that a DBX file shows such type of erratic behavior or either gets an error or damage in file structure. At this situation, your basic concern to resume lost accessibility with data file at optimum level. Some alternative methods like DBX repair process one of them that would be helpful to recover user’s data but we can't imagine this feasible step without the help of an efficient method. There are several errors that are coming out with DBX file during operation in Outlook Express.

If you have received any error then there is a need to get appropriate solution corresponding them. Possible error that could be faced with DBX file and their summarized solution defined below:

Outlook Express: The message could not be sent. There is not enough Disk space”

Reason to get this error : If you open your Outlook Express and this problem described above then it is certain that Folders.dbx file is
  • Missing
  • Damaged
  • Use of 'read-only' attribute
How to fix it:

You have a need to re-name the Folders.dbx file. To do this task, you can follow some steps:

1- Follow the path ‘Start → Find → Folders or Files

2 – Under 'Named' box, write Folders.dbx

3 – Follow Look In box then click on local drive the click on 'Find Now'

4 – Click right on Folders.dbx file for rename

5 – Write Folders.old then click OK

6 – Restart Outlook application again

The following steps described above would be created a new Folders.dbx file self.

“Error 0x800C013C”

Cause: This error shows an indication that your DBX file has been damaged.

How to reconstruct damaged structure of DBX file:

To rebuild the DBX file again, you have an urgent requirement for DBX recovery utility. This utility helps to access your DBX file again.

Source of an efficient DBX recovery tool:

In conclusion, it is belief that an prior knowledge about expected error can protect outlook users from worst scenario. At this stage, an Outlook Express user is ready to tackle bad experiences with the help of a Outlook DBX recovery tool and gets fastest recovery in minimal time. So, be aware with errors and opt right decision to resolve problem in Outlook Express.

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