Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Outlook 2011 update to resolve PowerPoint issues

Mac Outlook 2011 saves the data of Outlook such as calendar, notes, contacts, attachments as “Identities”. Mac Outlook 2011 replaced Entourage which was an earlier version and supports Mac OS 8.5. Outlook 2011 offers great compatibility with Mac than Entourage offered. This version of Outlook earlier supported only sync services for contacts not events, tasks or notes. A new Update is introduced for Outlook 2011 to resolve the concerns regarding the support for PowerPoint.

Problems faced by Outlook 2011 before Update:

It was not able to work properly on PowerPoint and was not able to manage Calendar, so the problem that used to occur due to this are as follows:
  1. Meeting and appointments times were inaccurate. Because of the wrong management of the calendar various meeting and appointments were scheduled at the wrong time.
  2. Hyperlinks in PowerPoint on Mac were not saved properly.
  3. Paste special feature for a particular cell in the table was not properly performed in PowerPoint in Mac.
  4. RTF texts which is Rich Text format was not available to be done on Power point for Mac. Suppose you want to copy RTF texts from power point in Windows to power point in Mac, it was not possible.
  5. Problem used to occur in Slide section also. Slide in Power point was not correctly visible either it was collapsed with other slides or a shorter view for the slide was available.

Problem resolved by a new Update for Outlook 2011:
The problems that were resolved by the new update are as follows:

  1. The problem in maintaining the proper calendar is resolved. Now the meeting and appointments can be saved for the accurate time.
  2. Hyperlinks in PowerPoint for Mac can be saved properly.
  3. Copy of RTF Texts from PowerPoint in window to PowerPoint in Mac is facilitated now after this Update.
  4. Paste Special feature for a particular cell in the table of Power point is also available now.
  5. Problem in the presentation of slides in PowerPoint for Mac is also proper now after the new

Update Resource:
a) One can obtain this update from here :

b) Another way of obtaining the update is from Auto update option, which is a program that keeps the update of all the Microsoft programs.

Hence with this new Update in Outlook 2011 for Mac, now all issues with PowerPoint can be resolved now which used to hinder your proper working earlier.

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