Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why and how to create Backup in Outlook 2007

As an email program, Microsoft Outlook is included in Microsoft Office suit and also works in a incredible manner for other information management. However, to avoid the data loss situation, backup is created for Outlook. Creation of Outlook backup guarantees that if our system gets crashed in future then we can still get the lost data and important files.

Need for Backup creation:

Some bad experiences teaches us a lesson, same is applicable here. If you are also among those users whose have faced the problem of Outlook files loss due to system crash. Then you need to work for the solution of this issue. The solution for this problem of data loss is to take the backup of the Outlook files. Creating a backup for our Outlook files is very important as we cannot afford to lose a single file due to any unwanted obstacle caused to Microsoft Outlook. Hence taking a backup can turn out to be a best solution for saving our file.
Backup facility in Outlook 2007:

Outlook 2007 offers an important feature of Outlook backup. There has a special Add-In available in Outlook 2007 to take the backup of the Outlook files at regular interval. This feature is called as PST backup tool and makes the backup of all the Outlook folders easily.

Different ways of taking backup in Outlook 2007:

There are several ways of taking backup in Outlook 2007 such as:

1. Taking the backup of the Outlook files manually. In this case backup is taken manually by copying the PST file and pasting it in backup folder created.

2. Another method of taking backup in Outlook 2007 is to export the file for backup and import it to a different location. In this step you can export entire folder and save at a different location.

3. Opting for a third party software is an efficient and most reliable way to take the Outlook backup.
Hence by following these ways you can take an effective backup of your Outlook 2007 files and can save your PST files from loss in case any obstacle comes to your system. By these ways you can saves your important mails, notes, attachments etc.

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