Monday, February 18, 2013

New Plug-In for Meeting in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a leading email client all over the world. It is one of the favorite email client of professionals and most likely used because of the features and ease of use offered by it. Along with the previous features, now there is one more addition, a new plug-in for meetings, provided by ClickMeeting.

The new Plug-In from ClickMeeting in Microsoft Outlook, coordinates an on-line video meeting or confronter through on-line mode. Now a days, in this fast era people prefer everything which is convenient and requires less time. Keeping this in mind ClickMeeting has provided a platform for on line web conferencing and on line meeting.

About the company:

Click meeting was developed by parent company Implix. ClickMeeting provides a technology which facilitates face to face on line collaboration at any time throughout the world. It has more than 500,000 users.

Need for this Plug-In:

This Plug-In is an effective approach launched by ClickMeeting. The main advantage of this Plug-In is that it saves lot of time and money and energy. ClickMeeting Plug-In has facilitated the option of on-line video conferencing and on-line meeting. The main requirement for this Plug-In is that it works on the Window 7, 8 and Vista operating system. It can only be installed in Microsoft Outlook version 2007 and 2010.

With the installation of this Plug-In video conferencing and on line meeting has become convenient throughout the world and it also saves time. After the installation of this Plug-In you can also enter your desired meeting room from Outlook toolbar or menu if it is in the setup.

After you have chosen a meeting room from the Outlook, then you have to provide the meeting room name, meeting date and duration etc needed information. And also for the participants of the meeting you can provide authentication by providing the option of token and password or making it free for all. And once the meeting is confirmed it is posted on the Outlook calendar after the customization of invitation
Hence this new feature of Outlook has led to great advancement and convenience in Outlook. This approach of on line meeting and conference makes Outlook user more reliable on Outlook.

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