Thursday, March 14, 2013

Take more benefits with new added features in Outlook 2013

Prior to release of Outlook 2013, it was anticipated that this new version of Outlook hits other email clients due to it's advanced new added services and features. Microsoft has not disappointed its existing email users with a new in-line product Outlook 2013 (successor of Outlook 2010) that have much more to attract new users also. Apart from newly added specialty, some features also changed in Outlook 2013. Overall, we can say that it will increase the capability of Outlook users to manage on-line portfolio and communications in a better way.

When you think to migrate from old version to this one, then you should get full awareness about features that must have ability to give a new edge to on-line conversation.You need to have a deep look to analyze the features of new version of Outlook which are mentioned as below:

1- Attachment Reminder: In previous Outlook versions till 2010, most if the times it is seen that users may forget to attach required file along with messages. But, Outlook 2013 has solved this problem with a notification to user before sending a message. In case, you are not interested to take this automated reminder then just turn-off this feature by disabling the option “Don’t show this message again”.

2 - Option to use EAS (Exchange ActiveSync): This feature lets your email application to connect directly to fulfill the purpose of accessing all folders from web mail.

3 - Add-in resiliency: It is a big change to reduce burden of Add-Ins that adversely affects the performance of Outlook. Basically, you can turn-off any Add-in to minimize barriers to speedy operational speed.

4 - Necessary improvement in 'Cashed Exchange Mode’: This feature lets you to see recently emails and scheduled calendars while using off-line data without disturbing user's experience.

5 - Advancement in IMAP: In Outlook 2013, IMAP service is enabling in back-end that makes your interaction with recently received mails quickly.

6 - Work with default compressed OST file: As Microsoft has mentioned about this feature that users of Outlook 2013 gets 40% compressed data than earlier used in Outlook version. This feature gives a new relaxation over size issue that is faced by users till now.

When you use these bunches of features then it would make outstanding experiences with mail application that you ever feel. So, if possible then let's go with Outlook 2013 to get benefits of new added features.

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