Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Errors of Outlook PST File and their resolutions

Outlooks PST file, generally a data warehouse for all entries that are existing in mail application. These files are located at your hard drive with .pst extension. If any error will be occurred with these PST file, then you may find difficulties like:

1- Unable to open Outlook inbox

2- Fail to find some .pst file

3- Complete or partial loss of data

4- Getting generated message on dialogue box

5- Loss of access to open PST file

The resulted behavior of Outlook discussed above has been perceived due to encounter of some errors. These errors are destructive in nature and completely demolish the structure of PST file that causes the corruption in Outlook data. For better practices, you should have a depth awareness regarding unexpected errors that may be lead with Outlook application. Some of errors that are most probably faced by Outlook users are demonstrated as follows :

1- Failed to recognize the format of PST file: In this situation, your mail application lost the potential to identify the files available in hard drive with .pst extension.

2- Disappeared folder in mailbox: Such type of problem is related with badly crashed PST file. It is advised to reconstruct the structure of PST file by using a repairing methodology.

Don't Panic with corrupted PST file, use Microsoft's utility: In the next phase after getting corruption, you can use Inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe). This tool is provided by Microsoft to scan and repair corrupt PST file. It is free and simple tool for an Outlook user.

Stages where Microsoft's utility is failed to retrieve expected result: In worst situation, this utility has lost their potential to construct the badly damaged PST file. Take a tour for those bugs:

1- Inbox repair tool become fail to find out .pst file

2- Does not contains required items to repair PST file

3- Inbox repair tool is aborted during process

4- Selected PST folder does not contains required items

When you do not get expected results from Inbox repair tool then a PST repair tool will help in this situation. A repair tool is based on advanced technique that has least chances to fail in critical stages also. It certainly recovers lost data from badly crashed folder also.To remove the worries of unexpected errors, a PST repair utility is a boon for Outlook savvy users.

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