Sunday, February 3, 2013

DBX File: Plays vital role in Outlook Express

DBX file is used as a store house for Outlook Express. It keeps all the entities in its database and stores it. It stores all the files as a different file with the DBX extension. For example: Inbox.dbx, Sent Item.dbx, Draft.dbx etc. It contains all the information of Outlook Express corresponding to their name as DBX file with .dbx extension.
Firstly, do not mistake in understanding Outlook Express and Outlook as same program, both of these are different program and have different functionalities. Microsoft Outlook saves its file in PST file and Outlook express saves its file in DBX file. It you have to open DBX file then you have to open Outlook Express first. DBX Files are stored in store folder of Outlook Express. It should be opened only in Outlook Express. If it is opened manually then the Express file may get corrupted and it will start showing problem in its working.
If something has an advantage then it has disadvantage too. If you have to move your Outlook Express from one folder to another then you do not only copy DBX file from one store folder to other, but also you need to copy the DBX extension folders. If you do not copy this then you would not be able to open Outlook Express. And one more problem with this corruption due to large size files. If the size of the files of Outlook Express for examples: Inbox.dbx, Sent Item.dbx, Draft.dbx etc extend to a large size then this may lead to deterioration in working of Outlook express or the file may get corrupted. This may also lead to loss of your important data.
DBX file is the file where Outlook stores all its emails. So to avoid the email loss due to file corruption, keep a backup of your mails and delete the unnecessary mails from email folder. This will enhance the working of Outlook Express. And it becomes easier to work with Outlook Express without any wastage of time.

Hence it can be concluded that DBX files plays a major role for Microsoft Outlook Express. And also acts as storage file for all the entities of Outlook express. Hence DBX file is very important file and need to be kept safe and error free for proper and smooth functioning of Outlook Express.

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