Monday, February 11, 2013

HTC 8X driving more customers

In present era, people have become more technology dependent, so they go for the most enhanced technical gadgets and devices. In the field of mobiles and Smartphone, HTC 8X is in limelight because of its new features and availability of Window 8 inbuilt in it. Microsoft launched Window 8 in late October of 2012 for smartphones and its demand for smartphones is increasing. HTX 8X is one of the highly attention seeking gadget in the market these days.
HTC 8X is very attractive smart phone with a sleek body and with a colorful curved back. It has high quality camera and provides a fast speed Internet. The most happening part of this mobile is its powerful audio through headphones.

HTC 8X has many advanced features but along with it there comes some disadvantages such as no recoverable memory, can not use T-mobile Wi-fi calling feature. Also when compared with Android or I OS, a window phone always has lesser application and features.

Competition leads to new innovation and which results in improvements. HTC 8X also has one another competitors, Nokia Lumia 920. These two phones are new in the market with Window 8. But HTC 8X drives more customer than Lumia 920. HTC 8X is much slimmer and lighter than the Lumia 920, making it more comfortable to carry around.
Hence as a user point of view, I can say that HTC 8X is better than Nokia Lumia 920. The first thing which is noticeable in this phone is its eye catching look which magnetise the customers towards it. The rest it done by the features served by this phone. Some of its attractive features are:

  1. Wonderful display: This phone has a wonderful display which can be seen rich and colourful in even in sunlight.
  2. Best camera quality: This phone offers you a good camera option along with a ultra-wide front camera.

  1. Amplified headphones: The sound system of this phone is very flattering, it provides amplified beat headphones.

  1. Good Battery Backup: With all such good and enhanced feature good battery is like cherry on the cake. This phone has a undoubtedly good battery backup.
As the competition will keep on increasing there will be competition of HTC 8X with Lumia 20 and other phones. However, HTC 8X has many iconic features which will make it a preferred choice.

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