Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why Hosted PBX Systems are the perfect choice for business communication

Have you ever noticed that when you call a particular company, almost every time the call is picked by a receptionist and then directed to the concerned department efficaciously. Whether you calling the middle of the night or in broad day light, their call handling ability never seems to falter. 

In case you are not aware, it is all possible with the use of Hosted PBX Systems. And whether you believe it or not, even if you are a small or start up enterprise, Hosted PBX is a modern day telephone system that you can easily afford.

Hosted PBX VOIP systems deploy VOIP technology as compared to the conventional traditional premise based telephone system. Through this technology, the voice packets are transmitted digitally over the internet which reduces the hefty price for long distance calls. And it is not just about cheap calling, Hosted PBX collaborates real time and non-real time digital communication media such as audio, video, text and images into a single platform for enhanced business communication.

So, you are not only reducing your telephone bills to less than half, but are creating a Fortune enterprise image in front of your callers. You have a business phone system that not only answers each of your call wit a personalized greeting as per the day and time, but also transfers it to the concerned department within seconds. If the line is busy, the caller is directed to voice mail where he can leave a message. This voice mail message can be transcribed as a text message that can be sent as an SMS or email for easier access, resulting in prompt response from the receiver.

The enterprises who own a Hosted PBX, are always reachable, anytime, anywhere. This solution is just perfect for the small and medium business organizations that need a smart business phone system to handle their calls efficiently without being heavy on the pocket. The icing on the cake is that apart from providing tons of advanced features, these commercial PBX VOIP systems are very easy to handle and operate. Since, the system is Hosted, the service provider takes care of the installation, maintenance and upgrade issues.

As per the Parallels market survey, 10% of the US SMB market has a Hosted PBX System. While in the other countries it is 5%. The figures are estimated to grow pretty fast considering the multifarious benefits the Hosted PBX VOIP system has to offer.

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