Thursday, June 28, 2012

Redesigned Spotify app for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich application

Spotify, Music streaming service has launched its Android application that runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The preview of this app was released a few days ago. This Android application has officially hit
the Google play store and is available in Google play market place for free download. This updated Spotify app completely supports the Google operating scheme. Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich and this app provides many features such as artist view, displaying artist imagery in high resolution and more on the mobile device.

This Spotify Android application also includes a new home screen widget, slide-out navigation, new sharing social features, 320Kbps streaming support and the ability to check out profile pages of the friends and play-lists on the go and a significant upgrade in sound quality. If you have a solid Internet connection you can also choose to listen to 320Kbps high quality music.

Free access for mobile devices with a trial period for 48 hours is also available. If the user wants to access more then the trial period further extended for 30 days.

Gustav Sodertrom, said that, "For all our Android users, this Spotify update is a huge leap forward and rebuilt it from top to bottom, making it slicker user interface, greater social integration, faster and much better looking."

Using this Android App user can access over the 15 cardinal track, can listen music off line - (no mobile connection needed), wirelessly syncing MP3s to Auto mation manoeuvre, start your favourite tracks, sharing music with friend, creating and syncing play-lists and sending tracks direct to Face-book and

Spotify now allows access to this app from the home screen and also keep for folder, on line moving, distribution punishments and sensing to euphony off line and also has been made available for iPad.

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