Thursday, July 12, 2012

Microsoft Office 2010 honored to be listed in the first desktop apps 'Windows Store'

Microsoft Office 2010 is going to become first desktop program which is going to be listed in Windows Store. It will glorify stores soon. From now onwards Microsoft Office 2010 will be availablethrough Online stores. Microsoft will offer desktop and metro apps both for Windows 8 users. Windows Store is basically a part of the Windows 8 – the next generation Operating System.

User can download free and paid both type of apps from the store. To download desktop software user have to visit external website and buy the product. The process will be, the store page for the product will serve basic information like description and other details about the suite and give you a link for “Go to developer's website”, this link will take you to the Microsoft Web page where you can buy Outlook 2010's different versions. It will not give you download link beside description and detail page like others.

Unlike desktop apps which are paid apps, Windows Store shares free apps also that can be downloaded from the same. The process for that is just click on the download button of the free app and in the background, the app will be downloaded quietly and after completion of the installation a pop up Window will appear on the computer screen and alert you that “app is fully installed”. 

The range for the various Office suite will be same between $199 to $499.

Office 2010 is the main product for the windows users. It is also known as the 'bread and butter' product and that makes Windows Store noticeable and interesting. Now we have free and paid both types of downloads available in the store but as a user; we expect some shareware products also in the store. Hope it will be available soon and excite the whole world again.

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