Monday, July 23, 2012

Microsoft may launched its own smart phone

Microsoft is looking to built its own tablet PC and smart phone based on windows mobile software. The latest version of the Microsoft mobile software is the Windows Phone 8.
Rick Sherlund, an analyst of Nomura, who has followed the company for many years says that, "Microsoft develop their own handset for Windows Phone 8 software release and may be working with a contract manufacturer on the new handset and It is unclear to
us whether this may be a go-to-market Microsoft branded handset or whether this would be a reference platform". According to a Wall Street analyst, Microsoft may launch its smart phone to boost or kick start the sale of its Windows mobile software.

Microsoft, a software company and the fastest competitor in the PC operating system segment also wants to establish itself as a major player in the gaming market with the Xbox, in addition to selling other hardware, including keyboard, mouse, and branded headphones etc.

This software taking only two percent of a world wide market with Windows powered smart phones and the device is running Google's Android system and the company was a big believer in our hardware partners and together we are focused on bringing Windows Phone 8 to market this year.

This smart phone shift some of Microsoft's strategies in a big way and the hardware partner is now Nokia, Samsung, Huawei and HTC. On the success of the Windows Phone 8 smart phone only Nokia will put the significant efforts into promotion of the Microsoft smart phones. Microsoft can not afford not to have phones sell. They have to find a way of selling it and it is a significant piece of their long-term vision of integrated devices.

According to Microsoft "Later this year the software is arrive and launching on new handset made by Samsung, Nokia, HTC and more".

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