Thursday, August 2, 2012

Google Web-master Tool with new improved feature

For the easier tracking of certain websites metrics Google included a way for downloading your data directly to a Google spreadsheet in the month of June. If you want to use a Web-master tool and wants to dig into the data but do not want to use the Python script and the API then Google Web Master tools will add a new functionality and made thing easier for following site stats. 

Benefit of Cloud Computing

For the cloud computing it is great, by using this ability you can directly download your files to Google Docs and can download the separate CSV file which is used
in stand- alone spreadsheet programs. By using this capability we do not need to install a separate spreadsheet program on the computer hard drive such as Word Office, Excel and more.

Downloading is very simple

The download option is available for most of our data heavy features, such as Crawl errors, Search queries, and Links to your site.

For downloading the data, click a download button Tools features like Search queries then you will see an option named as "Select Download Format", where you can choose the option such as "Google Docs" or "CSV" to download data so that data can be crunched and examined as you see fit.

Cloud computing aid

In past few months Google has made several innovations to Web-master tools. If you have a chrome-book and you are live on your chrome-book or other tablet computer then sometimes you may find that the things you want to do is hard, this new Web-master Tools change it with an ease.
This spreadsheet program is easy to download your data to a Google Spreadsheet and makes your data available by browser. For creating the customized charts you can instantly dive right into slicing and dicing your data by using the web browser and also can detect the significant changes and tracking the long term trends impacting your site.

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