Thursday, May 17, 2012

Outlook 15 - Integration of Hotmail and Social Networking features without Plug-ins

The new Outlook 15 will be introduced with the integrated social networking(Facebook, twitter, Linkedin etc.) and Hotmail. It has no separate module for integration of social connector and Outlook connector. Hotmail accounts and logins for social networks like
Facebook and LinkedIn can be created directly in the application. It shows screen shots of the new personal information manager and email client, which is the part of Microsoft's Office suite. This will definitely ease the process.

While in previous Outlook versions, Outlook Connector and Social Connector was needed to integrate through plug-ins.

Outlook 15 will come with some excellent expected features. Those are given below:-

Hidden Ribbon UI:- It will have Ribbon User Interface but by-default it will be hidden.

Touch Mode(tab and swipe):- Touch mode has become a fashion now-a-days. This will help to enlarge the use of Ribbon and other control buttons.

In-line Replies:- Inline reply is very nice feature because earlier a new pop-up window opened to reply but now replies will happen in-line by default.

Password Protected:- It will allow you the password protected change tracking so that the authority person can only made changes.

Office Marketplace:- It will be used as a resource for the user to find out the extensions, tools to expand the ability of the Office software.

Weather Bar:- Have a glance at weather bar before you go out. It will show you weather forecast.

Peek Through:- Peeks through is the new option which allows the user within Outlook information without leaving the current working window.

Office 15 is currently being tested by a closed group of beta testers. It is expected this summer, Microsoft released a public beta of the new office suite.

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