Monday, May 28, 2012

Google's Knowledge Graph – A new landmark for better Search

Knowledge Graph is the latest technology of Google which is officially launched on May 16th, 2012. This concept is all about the search result which are more specific and not showing the links only which consists of query term but those who define the concept of the query term.
This technology simply understands the things or concepts not the string only, as earlier traditional search do.

Amit Singhal, who is the Head of Engineering at Google says

“Search is a lot about discovery—the basic human need to learn and broaden your horizons.”

Humans have a tendency of being curious about a variety of things and they usually do search to discover about a particular thing to broaden the horizons. With the “Knowledge Graph” concept of Google, now a user will be able to find out better results as Google will provide the synonyms, correct the wrong term typed by the user and interact with humans more like a human being not only as a  search engine.

The next generation of search has come. This knowledge graph concept, understands all the real world entities along with there relationships just like a human being understands. It understands “things not string” and helps in discovering new things smartly and quickly.

For example: if you search for Taj Mahal it means you could be searching for historical monument made by Shah Jahan or musician or casino or restaurant or anything else which is known by the keyword 'Taj Mahal'. This intelligent search method will show you a ribbon over the search box that will show you all the categories either landmark, personality, building or whatever you are searching for. It simply means that user has to type less, devote less time and get best results.

To make this technology best, engineers added 3.5 billion of facts about 500 million of the entities(objects). It shows relationship and information about all these 500 million objects. When user search for any entity it shows summarize relevant content at the right side of the page.

Knowledge Graph provides right things according to the user's request because it understand the way you are searching and best summary with deep and broad information.

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