Friday, June 1, 2012

Yahoo! Axis – New Experience of Web Browsing and Searching

Google, Bing are updating its search results frequently so, how it is possible that Yahoo! will leave behind in the race. Google recently added Knowledge Graph for the better search results and understand the user query(as a human being) and Bing started to make results more social.
Yahoo! is also in the search GAME and introduced a search browser named Yahoo! Axis that gives completely new mode of browsing the web.

What is Yahoo! Axis?

This is the question in everybody's mind now! Yahoo axis is basically a super-cool mobile browser which is available for iPad, iPhone and also for Desktop browser. It is full of visual search experiences and finely delivers the experience among all the devices. Desktop plug-in is also available to get the content or matter which you want on the HTML5 enabled Browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome.

Yahoo! Axis is the result of 18 months of hard work and research. It is said to be the best technology platform that leverage the Open Source Technology. Yahoo! Engineers follow a long thought process in which they focus on how a user search and browse the web. It's satiny design attracts billions of users per day.

It makes so many things easy and comfortable for the user like it is easy to connect all the devices together. It makes search flawless as you are searching on one device and smoothly can continue on the other device. The sites which you have bookmarked on the other devices can be accessed on the different one. Personalized home page can be customized too. It does not matter at all that where are you and which device you are using, it always with you. It is the first and only mobile browser that can seamlessly connect to the any desktop browser (major or minor). Very easily user can pick up from where he/she has left, it never means that every time you switch on the device and you will have to start from the scratch.

When user search on the desktop a search box is seen in the left upper corner and when start typing  any query it shows drop down query help just like Google and then a filmstrip type view can be seen across the top section of the screen. To open the desired page user has to just tap on the thumbnail.

It seems that Yahoo Axis will make search much easy, interactive and interesting. Now search will be as a different experience for the users.

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