Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Outlook 2010 Quick Steps Practices

Everyone has a pressure to do a lot of things within little time and any trick to save the time is always in demand. With respect to managing the Outlook emails in most efficient manner, the same need arises. In Microsoft Outlook 2010, one can use the Quick Steps function.
That makes, going through your e-mail pieces more efficiently. With the push of a button you can create several actions simultaneously.

Quick steps are the new feature of Outlook 2010, you can see this in the ribbon in Quicksteps group. QUICK STEPS allows to perform multiple operations at once. By default, a number of quick steps are available, such as Move To, Team E-mail, Reply & Delete, Create New etc. Also with 'Done' quickstep an email can be moved to any referenced folder, marks it as 'Completed' and then marks it as 'Read'.You can easily create new Quick Steps and as per requirement can configure or change the existing one.

With NEW QUICK STEPS to create your own, that you put a message as important marks and moved to the folder WORK.

Add your own Quick Step in Outlook 2010, do as follows:

* Go to the Mail -> Home tab -> Quick steps group -> Quick steps gallery.
* Click Create New and then Custom;
* Type a name for the quick step in the Name box;
* Choose an icon next to the Name box and click OK;
* Under Actions you can specify which action to perform the quick step;
* If you want multiple actions to be performed by pressing the button, choose Add Action;
* Finally, you can use the Shortcut box, a hot link to your quick step.

Quicksteps feature has been considered as a convenient and easy feature by its users. By allowing to add customized quicksteps to the ribbon, it has expanded its scope of working. Also with the feature of performing multiple operations at once, Outlook quicksteps has became the essential part of its functionalities.

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