Monday, April 23, 2012

IP PBX a smart way to communicate when faced with recession

Recession is knocking at the doors once again and whether small or large, business enterprises are bracing themselves up for the big strike. Effective funds management, resource planning and marketing investments are passed through a narrow bottom filter. But what a large chunk of corportate world does not realize
is that there is a smart way to face recession or tough business days through effective means of business communication using IP PBX.

IP PBX is the latest technology buzzing around the SMB world and winning hearts wherever it goes. A wonderful, cost effective and feature rich communication media is all that a business organization needs to retain its brand image and survive recession.

What is an IP PBX?

IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) is the modern telecommunication system that deploys IP telephony to collaborate various communication media into real time communication. Text, speech, images and videos are all sent and received through digital channels in real time for better and more effective communication. Emails, voicemail, fax, calls and messages can be sent and received through any device, at anytime, anywhere. In simplified terms, you can answer business calls, emails, voicemails and faxes no matter where you are so that you are connected to your peers and clients 24/7.

How IP PBX can help?

Through the use of IP PBX you can respond to our customer queries within the TAT (Turn Around Time) and attain greater customer satisfaction. Important calls can be prioritized and diverted to the concerned employee within seconds. Various communication medias are combined over a unified platform so that all the real time and non real time communication is collaborated. Professional call greetings, announcements, call queue management, voicemail transcription and much more help project a fortune enterprise image.

How it saves money?

IP PBX not only connects the business enterpries with their clients in real time but also saves tons of money. A traditional phone system incurs a huge expenditure in the installation, maintenence and upgrade that only fits the busienss requirements for a certain period of time. Over the years, an organization outgrows its previous communication system.

IP PBX grows with you. It is highly flexible and can scale upto any level. Whether you have 100 employees or 1000, IP PBX can meet your needs efficaciously. No maintenance or installation costs are involved. Additionally, the calls made over IP are cheaper than the traditional phone calls. So, overall an enterprises's annual communication cost would come down to as much as 80%.

With IP PBX you can survive recession like it never hit you. You can reduce your telecommunication expenses, you project a corporate image through improved communication, you no longer manage business communication so that you can focus more on your core business which  is a win/win strategy. 

As more and more business enterprises are getting to know about this technological wonder called IP PBX, the business world is embracing the next level of communication.

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