Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Upcoming Google Android 5.0 Codename Jelly Bean

A lot of new Smartphones, Tablets and other gadgets are available today and being introduced everyday. The Android version 'Jelly Bean' could be the name for the next version of Android. The first version of the operating system released on 30 April 2009 under the name "Cupcake". Meanwhile,
the version 4.0.4, also known as the "Ice Cream Sandwich" in circulation. Even in 2012, Android 5.0 will come with the name "Jelly Bean" in the market. Google has moved away from its plan to release every 6 months a new version of Android and will instead release only one major release per year - but in between there will always be smaller updates with bug fixes.

Jelly Bean is expected to come in the second quarter of 2012 in the market and is specifically made for tablets. Due to the low acceptance of Ice Cream Sandwich at the network operators and the upcoming Windows 8 for tablets, Google will be forced to publish his next major update ahead of the schedule.

The much awaited Android 5.0 Jelly Bean will definitely have some new features to offer, especially a "buttery soft feel" during use, which renews the hope of a completely revised framework. Google is apparently planning to offer a dual-boot capability for its OS, Toggle option, Built-in File Manager App etc. You can switch between the two operating systems that would run through dual-boot without rebooting the tablet. This feature comes from Google's Chrome OS, and not be the only Chrome feature that is integrated in the new Android. According to the sources the main focus in Android 5 is lie on the tablet optimization. Thus the next big slug-fest on the mobile OS market could take place between Google and Microsoft.

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