Monday, January 30, 2012

How to defer delivery of sent mail in Outlook?

Several times it happens that while sending mails we have accidentally clicked on the send button and delivered a message that we do not wanted to sent. May be due to the inappropriate content formatting or it consists of the wrong email id or may be some other reason. Most of the time we have to pay for these types of mistake. Whatever may be the reason but sometimes it may result in to serious concerns. Earlier no specific solution was available
to handle this issue. But Microsoft has provided the solution to address this issue with simple defer rule creation and some simple settings.

In Outlook 2003 & 2007, there is an option by which all mail sent by user wait for specified time period in Outbox and user can recheck whether the right mail is going to the recipient or not. Then user can decide whether to change the content, discard the mail or whatever decision he/she wants to take according to the situation.

To defer the delivery of mail in Outlook 2003 & 2007 use below given handy and easy steps:-

Step 1:- Go to Tools menu.
Step 2:- Click Rules & Alerts.
Step 3:- Select New Rule Button.
Step 4:- Rule Wizard dialog box will appear, start from a blank rule and Check messages after sending.
Step 5:- Click Next.
Step 6:- A dialog box will open simply select Next button.
Step 7:- In the Next box select option defer delivery by a number of minutes.
Step 8:- Click a number of in blue and set the number of minutes you want to delay.
Step 9:- Click OK and then Next.
Step 10:- As a final step can provide a name to the rule or simply click Finish button and Apply.

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